Throwing sporting objects and one handed batting is what FTM focuses on.


Frisee that much - FTM is geared toward developing throwing skills and gaining skills in Bat a bing - my unique one handed batting exercise. The header of the site states that FTM is a throwing objects athletic club. 

We can do the traditional throw and catch exercises for frisbee, flying disc, Aerobie rocket ball and the Nerf American football, plus American footballs as a warm up exercise. However, we don't have to be great at catching. Catching is not the main focus of this club. If you are interested in developing your throwing skills and one handed batting skills, the FTM is the club for you. FTM is a fun activity and it's a good workout also. When we throw the aforementioned objects with force, it's not an easy task to catch the objects. It's different if we throw the objects without much force.

Here is a post from June of 2023. It provides more info on catching etc.


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