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FTM throws on my birthday.

  I had a good session of throwing for FTM today, on my birthday. Luckily there were no injuries or accidents today. I didn't do the Bat a bing exercise today. Here is a link to my Youtube video for the above.

A FTM - Frisee that much session from earlier today.

  I had a good session of FTM earlier today. I went to the local park by myself as usual. I took one of my Wham O frisbees and 2 of my ultimate discs plus my Nerf American football and my Aerobie rocket ball and my Cold Steel Brooklyn slammer bat, and my Elders polypropylene rounders bat. Unfortunately, I lost one of my rounders balls. I had a baseball with me too. Luckily I didn't lose that one. I will be more careful next time. I saw 2 young guys exercising on the calisthenics bars. I approached them and I asked if one of them could take a quick video of my doing my Bat a bing exercise. I asked them because I saw one of them taking a pic of his friend exercising. The guys were nice enough to help. I showed them the Brooklyn slammer bat. They were impressed with the look and the feel of the bat. I offered them a try of the Bat a bing exercise. They both tried it. They both had good hits. I let them know about FTM and my site and blog for FTM. One of the guys looked my site up on h

One handed batting using full size baseball bats.

  I did a Youtube search for one handed batting earlier. I found a few very impressive one handed batting hits using full size baseball bats. I was impressed with 3 of the videos I had seen. The batter used full size baseballs for his one handed batting hits. Here is a link to one of the videos. Listen to the sound of 2 of the hits.