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Google gemini's helpful input on Frisee that much.

I am impressed with Google gemini's AI tool. I had asked Google gemini for their input on Frisee that much and whether FTM has potential.  Here is their very helpful answer. I have placed the answer into my Google sites website for FTM. Here's a link to the page in mention.  

Throwing the rubber athletic throwing stick on April 7th 2024.

  I have started using a rubber athletic throwing stick as part of my Frisee that much training regimen. The stick is around 12 inches in length and it weighs 300 grams. It's fun to throw and it develops throwing power too. Here's a quick video which shows one of my relatives throwing the athletic stick in mention. If you're interested in purchasing the athletic rubber throwing stick, here's a link to the website which sells the product.

Frisee that much session, dated April 7th 2024