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How I use the Cold Steel Brooklyn Slammer bat as a work out tool for Frisee That Much.

  I am a highly creative person by nature. In the photo above, you see a bat product made by Cold Steel. The product is called 'Brooklyn Slammer'. It's a 19 inch, 1.79 lb - pound, polypropylene bat. I use this product as a work out tool. It helps me to develop power and strength in my throws. I bought my Brooklyn Slammer from Blades UK. In fact, I have bought several Cold Steel bats from this company. Their prices are really good along with their service and delivery times etc. I will leave their link below . Here are 2 links to a video I had shot earlier. I talk about the above in this video. I will leave the Youtube video link plus the same video via Facebook watch.

Frisee That Much TOC - Throwing Objects Club.

 Frisee That Much is a Throwing Objects Club. I came up with the acronym TOC, in the summer of 2021. This 3 letter acronym describes in a nutshell what Frisee That Much is all about. If you look at motorcycle clubs, they usually use the letters MC as part of their club name. MC stands for motorcycle club. Here is a link to a post from my Project The Remote Influencer - PTRI blog. This post provides more info on the TOC acronym. Here are 2 links to a copyrighted PDF I had written on TOC. You can download and / or share the PDF. I will leave a link to the file from my Google drive account and my Amazon drive account. You can choose which platform you'd like to view, and /or download the PDF via

A quick video which shows me throwing a Discraft Ultrastar flying disc.

  I had gotten back into frisbee and flying disc throwing back in 2019. At that time, I had started using the Nerf howler ball for my throwing work outs and games etc. My brother in law from the USA, had mentioned frisbee while we were playing Nerf howler throws. This triggered memories from when I was a youngster playing frisbee. I then came up with the idea for Frisee That Much. I'd have to say that this idea was half my idea and half my brother in law's idea. Here's a quick video where you see me throwing the disc as in the photo above. The video is from my Facebook page for Frisee That Much. You should be able to watch the video even if you don't have a Facebook account. I will also place a link to the same video - from my Google drive. You're welcome to download the video from my Google drive link and / or share the video. You ca

Welcome to my Google blog for Frisee That Much.

  Welcome to my Google blog for Frisee That Much TOC. The TOC acronym describes what type of private membership club Frisee That Much, is. It is a Throwing Objects Club. I was going to use just my Facebook page for Frisee That Much. However, I decided to create this blog to supplement my Facebook page. Frisee That Much is one of the projects I am undertaking at Project The Remote Influencer - PTRI.  Do you like the above photo? It's of a disc I own. It's a 175 gram ultimate disc made by Daredevil discs based in Canada. As Frisee That Much is a Throwing Objects Club, I / we use ultimate discs and Wham O Frisbees along with other types of throwing objects. I chose the name Frisee as it's a nickname I used to use for the term frisbee. I can't call my club Frisbee That Much as Frisbee is a trademarked product made by Wham O company. In regard to the that much part of the club name, this refers to the objective of the club : To throw objects as far as we can, but to do so wi