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Bat a bing tests with an athlete called Shak.

Here's a video I had shot in the summer of 2022. I undertook a Frisee that much session at a local park. I met a cool athlete named Shak at the aforementioned park. I was doing my Bat a bing exercise at the time. I asked Shak if he would like to try Bat a bing. The above bat was used in the Bat a bing exercise. He was kind enough to have accepted my offer. I also asked Shak if he could shoot a video of me also. He did so with much gratitude from me. I was impressed with Shak's hitting ability. He had thrown the ball quite high in the air and yet he was able to hit the ball when it came to around about waist level for him. In this same session, I had met Andre, the friendly Romanian young lady. My Frisee that much solution , product and sport - It's all three of these things and more, sells itself. I have seen how onlookers become interested in FTM once they see it in action.