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Portable sport and physical activity club

  In the pic above, you see one of my sports bags. I am a very creative thinker as you may have noticed through my blog posts. When I go to my local parks for my Frisee that much and my Bat a bing training sessions, I place my equipment in one of my sports bags and then I make my way to the park. I see these equipment filled bags as portable sport and physical activity clubs . This is especially the case as I carry my business cards with me.  I also think of the above as a product demo of sorts. Here is a post from this blog. It provides more info on my Frisee that much product demo.

Frisee that much July 7th 2022 quick fire disc throws

Here's a video of me doing some rapid fire disc throws in succession. It was taken on July 7th 2022. It was part of my Frisee that much training session. I can tell you that it's a good way to keep in shape, relieve stress and have fun all at the same time.