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Muscular strength required for Bat a bing.

  In the top photo, you see me after I had just hit a baseball with my Cold Steel Brooklyn slammer bat, using my Bat a bing exercise. Bat a bing requires muscular strength in order to hit the ball properly. As you can see in the photo, I am quite muscular. Here is a link to the Bat a bing exercise I had done on July 7th 2023. The photo above is a still frame from the Bat a bing hit I had done for my video as mentioned above. You can hear the whack of the ball too. My RI 22 athletic smart pills give me an extra edge for my Frisee that much practices.

Frisee that much disc throwing session with my new Stealth pro disc from Newitts.

I bought a new disc a few days ago. It's the Stealth pro disc, 175 grams from the Newitts website. In the super quick video above, you see me catching and then throwing this disc. I like the disc. It flies well. The flight pattern is accurate too when you throw it properly.