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My Bat a bing exercise viewed in slow motion.

I just shot a video where I had shown a slow motion video of the Bat a bing hitting exercise I had undertaken on June 14th 2022. If you look at the video, you'll see similarities between what I had done in the video and what tennis players do when they serve a tennis ball. I did a regular side hitting technique in the video above. Next time I might try a front on straight hit, like an actual tennis serve in some ways. 

Softball and cricket ball throw event.

  I have found another throwing activity to add to the Frisee that much body of knowledge. The activity or activities, are the softball throw and the cricket ball throw. The idea is to throw the softball and / or the cricket ball as far as you can. Here is a link to a website which provides more info on the above. Here's a link to a Youtube video I found for a softball throw event.

How Far Can I Hit The Balls Of Every Sport?

I found this video a couple of hours ago. I like this creative idea. I had left a comment in the comments section saying that this idea could be turned into a sport. It would basically combine elements of throwing sports - in regard to the distance factor. I am referring to hitting the ball as far as you can with the help of the baseball bat. Look out for the segment which starts at around the 3.31 second mark. He says, We're tired, we're hot, we're out of shape, we're sad, but we're doing it again. I found the funny noises he was making each time he hit the balls, funny. I think I might start doing this too.

My Bat a bing session using the Cold Steel blue tire boss bat.

  I had gone to my local park earlier, by myself, for a Bat a bing workout session. I don't have a video made for this session. I will try to get someone to record a future session though. I had brought my Cold Steel Brooklyn slammer bat and the bat in the photo above. This was the first time I had used the Cold Steel big tire boss for Bat a bing. There are two sizes for this bat. There's a 20 inch bat and a 24 inch bat. Stating the obvious, the 24 inch bat is heavier than the smaller bat. I have the 24 inch size big tire boss bat. I used a higher grip when I used the tire boss bat. I had used a one handed hitting technique. It would have been harder to use the one handed method if I had held the bat at the base of the bat. I was impressed with how well the bat had worked. I hit the ball pretty far on several occasions. I will use this bat more often for my Bat a bing workouts from now on moving forward. My niece had mentioned that Bat a bing is similar in ways to tennis servin

Frisee that much, origin story.

  New ideas usually come into existence as a result of combining existing ideas or by modifying existing ideas. In the wording logo above, you see the letters wwatt. These letters stand for Whacking weapons and training tactics. I came up with this concept. It is a striking weapons solution meant for law enforcement and / or the military. Striking and impact weapons would be classed as auxiliary weapons. These weapons are powered my the users muscle power, skills and strength. Throwing weapons are also used in WWATT. Frisee that much came into existence via WWATT. There you have it, the Frisee that much origin story.