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Yellow Bolt thinner version

  I recently bought a new lead bossing stick made by Silverline. As you are aware, I call these items Yellow Bolt. Google gemini had helped me with this choice of name for my new throwing sport. I was going to name the sport Yellow throwing stick. I prefer the name that Google gemini had suggested : Yellow Bolt. It's short and catchy. I went to my local park earlier for my Frisee that much session. I had asked a man at the park if he could record my video. He kindly agreed. His young sons even tried a few of my flying discs. I like my new Yellow Bolt. It's thinner than the other 2 Yellow Bolts I own. This new one weighs around 290 grams and is 340 mm in length and 33 mm in thickness at one end of the stick.

Lead bossing tool Athletic throwing object Google gemini