Polypropylene throwing truncheon for FTM training.


I have come up with yet another creative training aid for FTM throwing : Polypropylene throwing truncheon. I tried the item out at a local park the other day. It works well for this new purpose. The truncheon rotates during flight. It's best to throw it overhand and to throw it horizontally or sideways.

Unfortunately, I lost my truncheon. I think someone walked off with it. It was my mistake for not being mindful of where the truncheon had landed. I bought the truncheon from Playwell martial arts, UK. They have great products at good prices. I will buy another one in a few months time. I can then add a video to show how it works as a throwing training aid.

Here is a Youtube video which shows a man throwing an African throwing stick. He does an overhand throw. The stick rotates during flight. This is how my polypropylene truncheon rotates during flight too.


Here is a PDF I had written up on Polypropylene throwing truncheon.



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