Frisee That Much product demo


In the photo above, you see a female product demonstrator on the job. I placed the photo here to give you an idea of what product demonstrators are all about. I am going to start doing some voluntary product demos for Frisee That Much. When you think about it, Frisee That Much is a product of sorts. It's a private membership throwing objects club.

I bought the .com domain name for Frisee That Much last December. You're visiting my Google blog for Frisee That Much. You see where I am going with this. I will start talking to people to get the word out there about my club. I will have a few of my throwing objects with me. I'll hand out my business cards too. I don't have business cards for Frisee That Much yet. However, I have biz cards for my other web projects. I can hand out my biz cards. I would then direct the potential club member to visit the 2019 blog section of the aforementioned site. Once they visit this section of my site, they'll find info for Frisee That Much. There you have it. That's my product demo for Frisee That Much.


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