Welcome to my Google blog for Frisee That Much.


Welcome to my Google blog for Frisee That Much TOC. The TOC acronym describes what type of private membership club Frisee That Much, is. It is a Throwing Objects Club. I was going to use just my Facebook page for Frisee That Much. However, I decided to create this blog to supplement my Facebook page. Frisee That Much is one of the projects I am undertaking at Project The Remote Influencer - PTRI. 

Do you like the above photo? It's of a disc I own. It's a 175 gram ultimate disc made by Daredevil discs based in Canada. As Frisee That Much is a Throwing Objects Club, I / we use ultimate discs and Wham O Frisbees along with other types of throwing objects.

I chose the name Frisee as it's a nickname I used to use for the term frisbee. I can't call my club Frisbee That Much as Frisbee is a trademarked product made by Wham O company. In regard to the that much part of the club name, this refers to the objective of the club : To throw objects as far as we can, but to do so with good or even great form.

I have decided to add a unique one handed batting exercise or practice to Frisee that much. I have named this practice, Bat a bing. I will provide a link to my website page for Bat a bing, below :



  1. I am impressed with Google. I bought the domain name for the blog earlier today. I set the blog up with my own domain very quick. I should have created this blog a while back. Better late than never as the saying goes.

  2. The article you've shared here is fantastic because it provides a wealth of information that will be incredibly beneficial to me. Thank you for sharing about Motorcycle Club Patches Continue to post.

  3. You're welcome. Thanks for the compliments regarding my blog post. I came up with the TOC acronym to describe what my club is all about. I based this idea in part, on the acronym that the motorcycle clubs use: MC
    Thanks for reminding me. I will write more about this topic in the near future.


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